Thank you for checking out Collier Model Aeronautic Club! We are super happy to have you here! Here is just a little bit about us, ever since hurricane Irma we have been diligently repairing and maintaining our beloved RC fields. We wanted to make our fields the ultimate spots for RC enthusiasts to come experience the passion of flight in Southwest Florida! With your help and passion we will continue to have the TOP spots in Florida to fly your Electric and Gas aircraft!


We host an annual Picnic that is on the FIRST Saturday of March and 1 Fall BBQ, with many small get togethers and racing events in between those events!


Our Gas field, POI, is located 15 Minutes east of Naples off of US41. This field welcomes all sizes and powered RC aircraft. A covered pit area also has solar powered charging station for the members. 

Our Electric field only, Manatee, is located just south of Collier Blvd and US-41 behind Manatee Middle School. This field is used for all Electric only RC aircraft. We have a designated Multirotor field and Airplane Field. Our MultiGP sanctioned group has a permanent racing field at Manatee field. We host monthly races for MultiGP and Fun Flies. The airplane field has a A format runway system for all direction wind landings and take-offs! This results in the beautiful event of airplanes and multirotors enjoying the same airspace at the same time with no interference! 

We can't wait to see you at either field enjoying the sky with our members! We do have 2-week trials available for the enthusiasts that are traveling or new to the area!